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Batang walang swimsuit. Anyenye

My future (well, hopefully) alma mater. 💛💙💜

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Recognition daaay ■■■

10th ♥ #latepost

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The times these characters were mentioned in the first book

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Every time I finish a book,

I feel like I’ve lost a part of me and just sit there feeling empty


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The day it all started. <3

Wow! It’s been so long since I made my last blog. :o Guess I’ve been so busy. Ganito talaga pag inlab, okay?! Hahahaha. Lahat ng oras mo sakanya, yung efforts, pasensya. Lahat. :) 

It actually all started (2nd start, actually) with..

"Ira, tawag ka ni Kevin sa labas."

Emeged. Hahahaha. Kabado ako, excited, naguguluhan at napapangiti. :)

Sino ba namang hindi makakaramdam niyan kung yung kakausap sayo eh yung taong gusto mo? :) Ajejeje.

So ayun. Bumaba ako at tinabihan ko siya sa may gilid ng kalsada. Napakanice diba. Ang talking place of heart to heart ay sa gilid ng kalsada. Hahahahahha!!! But so what? Atleast katabi ko siya. :”> K, landi.

Hindi ko na maalala ng eksakto kung ano yung una niyang sinabe. Haha. Pero sigurado akong nandun yung tensyon saming dalawa. HAHAHA omg. =))))))

I smiled first and then he started talking. I felt my heartbeat run from 10 zigzags to a thousand. I was finally at ease with him, talking peacefully. No distractions, no ex’s, no judgemental people, no other suitors. Just me.. and him. 

The person I wanted all this time was confessing his love for me. And then there’s me.. on the verge of accepting it without any doubt or second thought. I knew that I wanted him so bad. So, so badly.

Before all of that, I was in a very complicated situation with my suitors. They got all stucked up with me so I had no choice but to drop them all down. Napakahirap sa loob na mangturn-down, alam niyo ba yon? Hahahahhaha! Pero seeing him and hearing what he said finally gave me the answers why those happened.

I was destined for him. Was meant to be with him. Needed to be his. And up until at this very moment, I have no regrets.

He officially started courting me on the day of my birthday, and it was the best present I received. No words can express how thankful I am that he came. He showed me and made me feel that I was never alone. That he was always there with a hand to help and ears to listen.

I will never forget that day, not because that was my birthday. But because, from that day on, my life has changed.

Now we’re running 10 months tomorrow, and I am, with all truthfulness, very proud to be his girl. :) I have never felt so loved. 

So many things changed in a year. But only my love for him stayed and did not change. And it will never, ever change. I loved you, I love you, and I will always love you baby. Thank you for 365 days of continually making me smile. I got your back, always. HEART SWEAR ♥ 

Happy birthday to meeee! :) 


Batang malakas ang topak. #jgh #selfie

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